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Customs Warehouse

For those who are interested in a real mechanism of small-scale wholesale payment of duties and VAT after sale of goods or its assembly.

A customs warehouse is a specially allocated and equipped area with a special customs regime that allows storing goods intended for export or import for up to three years without payment of duties and taxes, and without applying measures of non-tariff regulation.

Type of services:

  • Cargo reception and placement;
  • Storage;
  • Cargo handling operations in the territory of the customs warehouse, unpacking, division into lots, packing, and palletizing;
  • Cargo customs operations;
  • Goods delivery from the warehouse to final recipient.



  • Saving circulating assets of the importer / exporter: Cargo storage without payment of customs duties and taxes;
  • Possibility of selling and delivering goods on price volatility peaks;
  • Possibility of forming lots of commercially viable goods;
  • Execution of customs clearance only after sale and at the Buyer's expense;
  • Possibility to take samples for obtaining permits and certifications without providing the whole lot to the authorized bodies
  • Free re-export;
  • Quick return of spoiled or damaged goods to a consignor.




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